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Features and Benefits:

TPP as received: 23.9

TPP after 5 wash/dry: 31.3

Offers maximum comfort while stowed by providing the largest face opening and yet at the same time maintaining its third party certified designation for universal fit to all brands of air masks currently on the market. All that at no extra cost.

The hood design requirements in NFPA 1971 date back to the pre-nose-cup and even the pre-positive-pressure era. Air masks of that time were far more oval or circular in shape, and the hood design requirements reflected that. Since then, air masks have continuously evolved and today are anything but oval or circular. They also incorporate attachments for communication devices and other options.

Traditional hood designs can contribute to field-of-view reduction by creating a face opening that often bunches up and is uncomfortably snug around the neck. The Honeywell MaskMate™ Hood improves the air mask-to-hood interface with an opening that adapts to face size and shape. The new design is engineered to maximize field of view without compromising an effective and safe overlap between the hood and the edge of any contemporary air mask lens or gasket.

Certification – NFPA 1971